Beiztechnik – the Story

Beiztechnik was founded 40 years ago as a result of my involvement in an accident using hydrofluoric acid.

In 1972 I was managing a site for a German chemical cleaning company. During dosing of concentrated hydrofluoric acid the feeding hose slipped off its connection and the acid was sprayed all over – endangering people and the environment. I was forced to intervene to minimize the impact to others but as a result I was burned on my arms and face. Luckily, the hospital was experienced in such type of accidents and no major injuries remained.

I proposed to invest in higher safety standards but this request was rejected. As a consequence I left the company and founded Beiztechnik.

For 40 years Beiztechnik has strived for the highest safety standards in the handling of chemicals as well as offering the most reliable equipment in the field.
We are convinced that this philosophy is the key factor for our success and for the satisfaction enjoyed by our Global Customer base.

Wolfgang Clary