As in any cleaning service we are always at risk in creating harm to the environment.

By the correct handling of our chemicals, this impact can be removed or at least be minimized. To assist in achieving this, we maintain a contractual relationship with TUEV SUED, who acts as our consultants for en­viron­mental management advice and as our external auditing company for certification according the Germany environmental law.
Handling of hazardous materials needs special attention of both normal operations and unplanned spillages.

Beiztechnik has developed and manufactured many safety measures which reduce the risk in the handling and prevention of chemical spills. Equipment in-built drip trays, storage containers, chemical transfer units, and multi function discharge manifold systems to name a few.

For Beiztechnik the job is considered done only after proper neutralization of effluent and water and sludge disposed and confirmed with an environmental certificate of disposal. This is issued by independent authorized waste effluent handling center.

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