Safety for our staff and all related people is vital to our Services.

We strive to offer the best protection with a high degree of automation and minimization of personnel within the areas where we handle hazardous materials. We are developing our technology continuously and are seen as having the leading edge in dosing and mixing technology and on-line chemical analysis.

The chemical nature of our job remains hazardous and so personal safety equipment provides good personnel safety and the security which enhances the professio­nalism of the work. In addition, all Beiztechnik staff are trained as First Aiders and have received specialist training on treatment in case of HF incidents.

With its strong management influence, the safety issues and procedures have become an integral part of the way BT approach and execute their cleaning ser­vice. Regular job briefings, risk and hazard analysis, the programmed recertification of valving, and piping electrical equipment are some of the few actions that have become standard practice.

We are proud of our record and our implementation of our Safety Book, SCC and CCNSG to the European standards.

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