Acid cleaning

Steam generators are often chemically cleaned prior to the first commissioning. The water – steam conducting surfaces should get a defined surface condition which allows the controlled growth of a protective layer during operations. The pre-operation cleaning consists of flushing, chemical cleaning and passivation of surfaces.

Due to its ability to dissolve metal oxide quickly often 1% inhibited hydrofluoric acid applied at 60°C is the preferred cleaning solvent. Sometimes complexing agents such as citric acid and EDTA will be used.
Those agents usually require a longer soaking period and higher temperatures to achieve the required result.

Beiztechnik has developed for all procedures, standardized and mobile equipment to achieve the optimum cleaning result. The selection of equipment is based on the cleaning solvent to withstand the chemistry and temperature and the right unit can be configured for either cleaning by circulation or in the “once through” mode for the required steam generator.